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The House Built Between the Branches Anthology Submission

house built between the branches call 1

The House Built Between the Branches dives into the world we find deep within the woods. What mystical, or terrifying, things do we stumble across as we tiptoe over branches and dried leaves?

We’re looking for short stories under 10,000 words, and poems under 600 words.
We prefer not to publish any explicit profanity or vulgarity. You can submit pieces with these things, some elements might be given the suggestion of change. Otherwise, spooky woods is the way to go!

Submissions are open until January 9th, 2023. Acceptance notices will be sent out January 16th, 2023. Publication is set for Fall 2023. 

Author payment is $20 for a short story and $12 for a poem.

Please be sure to read the Submission Guideline for all submission requirements.

Email headers for submission should read “The House Build Between the Branches (or a shortened version of title) Anthology Submission – Author’s Name.”

Submission Guidelines

We have a set of guidelines for authors to follow for submitting stories and poems for anthologies to Nightshade Publishing.