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Nightshade Publishing™ hosts open calls throughout the year for various anthologies. Listed below are our current projects! Clicking each link will take you to a webpage that further illustrates what we’re looking for and how to submit your short stories and/or poems.

We are not currently open to submissions at this time.
Book Photos

Of Ink and Paper

Of Ink and Paper is an anthology of short stories and poems revolving around the process of writing. . .
Closed for Submissions

Balloon Children Submission Call 1

Balloon Children

This anthology is a look back at childhood and the fantastical memories we have. . .
Closed for Submissions

house built between the branches call 1

The House Built Between the Branches

This anthology dives into the world we find deep within the woods. . .
Open for Submissions till 3/23/2023

Submission Guidelines

We do accept previously published pieces so long as the rights to said piece have reverted back to the author and the author understands any requirements from the previous publisher about republishing their story.

Submission Guidelines

We have a set of guidelines for authors to follow for submitting stories and poems for anthologies to Nightshade Publishing.