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Through the Violet Redwoods


This shop link will take you to Barnes and Noble, the only place to purchase a physical copy of Xanna Renae’s book Through the Violet Redwoods. The ebook version for Nook can also be purchased through this link.


This link will take you to Barnes and Noble where you can purchase a physical or digital edition of Through the Violet Redwoods.

Description of book below


Debut author Xanna Renae has forged a collection of short stories and poems encompassing the joyful and darker emotions we experience in our day-to-day lives. Some feelings are subtly woven among lines of prose and dialogue, others have bled into the ink.

Short stories such as “Midwest Moon” and “Salvation for One” pull on the supernatural, while “Pitter Patter” strolls in with the idea of forming a family. Poems like “Time of Saturn” and “Ostrich Thinking” breathe life to the emotions society doesn’t allow us to exhale as “Moonlit Play” brings magic to the mundane of night.

This collection also features illustrations by artist Margaret Howard for select pieces in both physical and electronic versions of the book.


Content Warning: A list of stories has been noted in the front matter that may contain content that is upsetting for some readers


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