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Down with the Prince

The infamous Prince of Catol won't live to inherit his dead father's crown without her. Hollis Avayana wants nothing to do with the Kingdom of Catol. Not for any resentment about her people's tormented history with the kingdom, no. She doesn't care about the bloodshed that traces her lineage. Hollis wants to remain where she cannot be seen. To live a life floating about the world like a piece of dandelion fluff. When the handsome Captain of the Royal Guard breaks into her cottage and demands she come to the castle to heal an unnamed person, Hollis' first instinct is to throw herself off her balcony and into the sea. When he makes an offer she can't refuse, Hollis decides anything could be done for a price. What she didn't expect was her patient being the Crowned Prince of Catol himself. His name infamous on every tongue in the Kingdom. And rooted deep within him? An illness, unlike anything she's ever treated before. Something intentionally cast.

Balloon Children​

Balloon Children is an anthology filled with magical stories and poems inspired by childhood joy and Ghibli-like aesthetics. Stories include grand adventures such as "The Dragon of Twilight Glade" and "Pirate Piper" and dream-like poems with "Howl's Duet" and "Moonlit Play."

Of Ink & Paper

Of Ink and Paper is a meaningful collection of short stories and poems with themes surrounding the power and magic that words and writing have on an author and the world around them. Inside these pages you will find characters who long to heal their pain with words from the heart, a witch struggling with the power her words hold, and stories about the pull to dive into new worlds and ideas. This anthology is best enjoyed with a hot beverage and a nice view.

The Willow Tree Swing

The Willow Tree Swing takes a look into the different meanings we attribute to the color green through short stories and poems. From the beginnings of a sapling, to magical settings with sleeping princesses, to sorrowful hearts healing from grief. This anthology delves into every phase, and shade, of green.

Through the Violet Redwoods

This collection of short stories and poems encompasses the joyful and darker emotions we experience in our day-to-day lives. Some feelings are subtly woven among lines of prose and dialogue, others have bled into the ink. Short stories such as "Midwest Moon" and "Salvation for One" pull on the supernatural, while "Pitter Patter" strolls in with the idea of forming a family. Poems like "Time of Saturn" and "Ostrich Thinking" breathe life to the emotions society doesn't allow us to exhale as "Moonlit Play" brings magic to the mundane of night.

eBooks available for purchase through third-party sellers such as Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble.