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Nightshade Publishing®

. . . was founded in 2019 by Xanna Renae. In 2022 Willow Whitehead joined the team as a co-founder.

Nightshade Publishing’s Mission

. . . is to publish the stories that inspire the beauty in chaos. We are your writer apothecary, providing your every bookish need. Built for the readers who want to feel like they’re walking through a haunted wood with a friend by their side, telling them a story to get them through the dark and into a glowing meadow.

Open For Submission!

These are our Current Open Calls for Anthologies

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Book Photos

Of Ink and Paper

Of Ink and Paper is an anthology of short stories and poems revolving around the process of writing. . .

Balloon Children Submission Call 1

Balloon Children

This anthology is a look back at childhood and the fantastical memories we have. . .

house built between the branches call 1

The House Built Between the Branches

This anthology dives into the world we find deep within the woods. . .
Open for Submissions till 3/23/2023

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Xanna Renae

Nightshade Publishing